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Heavy Duty & Commercial Mechanics in Warminster Pa

Preventative Maintenance For Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles - Warminster PA

Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventive maintenance keeps your trucks running at optimal conditions. At Ossco Group we perform preventive maintenance for customers to promote the safety of truck drivers and other motorists on the road and to keep consistent vehicle operation by minimizing service interruptions. Our conscientious techs perform services based on regulations set forth by local, state, and federal governments. Since truck components and parts naturally wear out over time, and road hazards can factor in, it is important to schedule preventive maintenance to prevent issues before they occur.

Wheel Alignment For Heavy Duty Diesel Truck & Tractor Trailers - Warminster PA

Heavy Duty Wheel Alignments/Trailer Alignments

Ossco Group uses the very highest quality of alignment equipment for Trucks and Trailers. Hunter Hawkeye equipment provides precise adjustments and accurate measurements. Truly state of the art equipment that grants our trained techs to locate alignment issues with minimal time.

Electrical Diagnostics For Vehicle Electrical Systems

Electrical Diagnostics

To diagnose issues with your vehicle’s electrical system, Ossco Group techs use diagnostic equipment to tap into your trucks computer system to locate the cause of the problem. We check your truck battery and electrical cable connections for any necessary adjustments plus perform engine diagnostics if necessary for more complex electrical problems. Since trucks today are controlled by computers – from the alternator to the starter, air conditioning system and everything in between, our specialized technicians assure that they will find and resolve the problem quickly to get you running.

Diesel Engine Repair / Maintenance

Diesel Repair

Diesel engines play a major role in vehicle performance, so it’s vital for drivers to be aware of maintenance issues and seek repairs immediately. Some concerning signals for service are diesel engines running at lower RPMs or hard to start engines, possible low fuel pressure. Oil in the combustion chamber will burn blue smoke, which tends to appear upon an engine start. Black smoke may indicate fuel combustion problems, possibly low-quality fuel or a dirty air filter. How about white smoke, that usually occurs when fuel is not burning correctly, possibly worn injectors, damaged valves or piston rings that are sticking. We’ve got your color and mastered them all.

At Ossco Group We take great pride in the trucks and TRAILER we service and for being known as knowledgeable, honest mechanics in the community.

Count on us for quality truck & TRAILER service every time.

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